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How to take screenshot using computer/laptop for beginners:

How To Take Screenshot Using Computer/Laptop For Beginners

The screenshot is a very essential thing in a human daily life. While you are reading something or watching any informative video you can easily take a screenshot of it and send it to your friends or family who you think should also watch or read the informative thing.

There is also another scenario come in a person daily routine where they are working on something and in the meantime, another important work came for them and they cut the tab or the webpage and start doing other work but later they realize that the thing was worth to read but now they forget the topic and video. This is where a Screenshot saves a person important files and their daily life hacks.

There are basically two ways for you to take a screenshot on your laptop and computer and I am discussing it one by one.

Light Shot

The light shot is a free software of screenshot for both mac and windows users. There are some steps you can follow for the screenshot.

Step 1: Download the Light shot software and install it, the process is very simple.

Step 2: After the installation now when you need this software to screenshot something. Just press the PRT SC button on the right upper side of your keyboard.

Step 3: After pressing the button it will show you an option on which you can select the desired area to select for the screenshot.

Step 4: After selecting the area it will now show you several options to save which is easier to track.

Congratulations you have learned the first way to take a screenshot. Now let’s move to the 2nd way.

Snipper Tools

Snipping tools is a built-in app for a screenshot for the users of windows. Now learn it in a step by step approach.

Step 1:

First of all, type on the search bar of windows “Snipping tool” and it will show you an option.

Step 2:

Click on the result and they will show you a bunch of options.

Step 3:

Make sure to open the result first for screenshot and then open the app.

Step 4:

Now the app shows the different option of the screenshot for you whatever option you need it will assess you for the desired task and save it to the desired folder.

Congratulations on achieving the second way of learning screenshot.

Both of the ways are discussing in a video below for better user experience and understanding you can watch it.

How To Take Screenshot Using Computer/Laptop For Beginners (Hindi/Urdu)



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