Ebarcode - A Free App that Generates and Scans QR and bar Codes
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Ebarcode – A Free App that Generates and Scans QR and bar Codes

QR and Bar codes tend to be a tough and paid thing in the past due to very few services offering it to the customers. However, QR and bar codes usage is increased, and people are providing the services to the customers for free.

That’s why Barcode is an app that was also introduced in the market to help people scan and generate QR and barcodes for their personal needs.

IF we talk about QR and bar codes, it’s very useful in the current times. Yes, many people would use them for their personal needs. The black and white pixels create in an image form for anyone who has a scanner available on their mobile devices to access the information.

Since the mode of information has changed a lot in the past few years, it has become necessary to use QR codes. Many people would use it for marketing their business or products by offering promo codes and discounts and mentioning the QR and bar code. Based on that, it helps them let others know about the product or business and up-sell their product and services.

Besides that, many people would be using the QR and bar codes for their reasons. So, we can’t indulge technology in one way. It all depends upon the usage and perceptions of a person to consider the QR codes technology.


What is Ebarcode?

JahaSoft created Ebarcode, a Software house based in Quetta. The software house designed every feature and another important thing you would see on the device. Therefore, nothing would make any issues for you to use it as it’s from the reliable and well-known service providers.

EbarCode is available in the Android mobile version, which you can easily download from the Google play store. Yes, there would be no significant issues for you when downloading the app on your mobile, as all of the steps are easier to follow.

After installing the EbarCode on your mobile phone, you can use the app. The home screen asks you for the first time of usage to allow access to the images, which you have to accept. Later on, you will see the home screen with the features like Scan, Create, History, settings, Scan image, and flash.

The flash is used for turning on the mobile light, and the Scan image option will take you to the mobile images that you could directly scan without any hurdles.

Apart from that, The scan option allows you to scan any of the QR or bar codes by putting the mobile camera on it. Create option helps you create any image, TXT, video, or other things in the QR and bar code form.

The history option will provide you with the details of the previous QR or bar code that you have scanned or created. Lastly, the settings feature is available for you to keep everything as per your convenience for the usage purpose.

You can install the App directly from the Google play store by typing Barcode. It will appear with a blue background and a white QR code.

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