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how to download youtube video

How to Download YouTube videos for beginners

Videos are the most important thing that really matters in our daily life. Either we are learning something or we are watching it for fun. If you are traveling on a train or bus to another city and you might sometimes get bored you can easily watch downloaded movie anytime or let say if you are learning something on PC and suddenly the electricity shuts down there is one way you can save your time and learn continuously by watching downloaded video of the same topic as a backup.

And if you are a YouTube addicted and very beginner who don’t know anything about YouTube downloading then this post is for you.

There are various methods to download videos but what I am providing you today is the two most common methods.

Youtube downloader application method:

Youtube downloader method is so much compatible and user-friendly for everyone from beginner to expert. You just follow the rules I am mentioning now and you will get the solution easily.

Step 1: Search youtube downloader on the google search bar.

Step 2: You can find many results in the Search engine result page but what I prefer you is to click on the Softonic website link in the search result.

Step 3: There will be an optional display for you to download the application Just click on that option and it will simply download the app.

Step 4: Now go to your downloads folder in Laptop or PC and just double click on the downloader. It will ask some steps to follow and just click as it says and then selects your desired path for installation.

Step 5: When the app installed, just go to the youtube and type on any topic you like and press enter. Now you will get a link on the address bar just copy that link and paste it to the application link bar and select your desired folder to complete the downloading process.

That’s it you have learned this first method.

 Youtube online Downloader method:

The online downloader method is much easier and time-consuming method. Just follow the steps I am providing to you.

Step 1: Go to google search bar and type Youtube online downloader and enter.

Step 2: Now a bunch of search engine results will display to you. Just click on the youtube downloader online link and you will see a display of the website.

Step 3: Now go to youtube and copy the desired video link and paste it to the website link bar and press enter.

Step 4: Now it will show you a variety of video resolution just download the desired pixel video and press download.

That’s if you have learned the second method as well.

Congratulations on learning a new thing in your life keep it up.

How to Download YouTube videos for beginners (Hindi/Urdu)


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