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Youtube Channel – Create your Own and Earn

The world is now changing to videos and you also watch thousands of new videos daily on youtube. 

Well, if you are good at something and wants to show and earn on something you are good at then just follow some of the steps. 

Note: If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about creating the channel then this steps is only for you otherwise you can skip the post.

There are some of the basic steps you have to follow before starting for a youtube channel.

Step 1: Create a Gmail Account of your self by clicking on the red color hyperlink available in this line.

Step 2: After Creating your Account, now visit youtube. 

Step 3: There will be a sign in Option at the right top side of the display, Just click on that.

Step 4: After you signed in just click on the orange color icon providing at the right top side and select settings and it will provide you with another display.

Step 5: Now, again click on the same icon as it will show you an option called “Creator studio” Click on that option. 

Step 6: Identify the settings in the display and click to other settings and then go to advanced settings.

Step 7: Set the channel according to your desire and you are all done.

Congratulations you have learned a new thing today.

How to Create YouTube Channel for Beginners (Hindi/Urdu)


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