About Us

Blogpost.pk is owned by Jahasoft.pk. There are different projects we are working on for the betterment of Technology improvement.

The main focus of Blogpost is to create a how to guides and software tutorials that help the beginners who are not in the field of technology but they need any guidance to rectify any error or to perform any task.

Blogpost.pk is creating a very basic videos on any software usage or windows security related basic tasks.

The main thing which really motivates us that those who are watching our videos on daily basis are learning something each day and improving their computer usage experience.

With this perspective we are also uploading videos for the users as well on YouTube for better user experience.

The video tutorials are in Urdu so a person in Asia who cannot understand English would easily grasp the knowledge.

The post we are uploading in this website is totally in English so the user who need any reading material can also come from YouTube to our website for better readability experiences.

As I mentioned earlier that this project is owned and powered by Jahasoft. They are providing the materials in this website for online earning, computer security, WordPress, Tips and Tricks, online teaching all for the beginners of any age group so they will be in the competition with better approach.