How to Stop Android Apps Running in the Background
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How to Stop Android Apps Running in the Background

Does your Android Smartphone battery drain faster than you really expect? One of the biggest reasons might be the apps that continue running in the background long after you moved on to a different task altogether.

When you have many applications open at the same time, Your Smartphone may experience some lagging, there is much application that drains the battery but also eats up your Smartphone and tablet’s RAM.

However, many of them might be malware, have a bug, and were poorly written and lack proper optimization; hence they use up your device’s resources.

Here is the point, you will be able to stop running app in the background and save your Smartphone’s precious memory and battery life while using a few awesome methods.

Check and Note down the Applications that are running in the Background

1.) First, you will need to open your Smartphone Settings and click on the “Developer options.”

Developer Options

2.) Click on the “Running Services” option.

Running Services

3.) In the Running Service page, you will be able to see a list of the background apps that are currently running on your Smartphone.

Running Apps

4.) If you want to see the apps draining your battery life, simply go to Settings again and after that click on the “Device Care” option.

Device Care

5.) Simply scroll down and click on the “Battery” option.


6.) In the brand new screen, you will be able to see the apps that are consuming your battery the most, click on the “three dots” (vertical) at the upper-right side of your display.

Three Dots

7.) Click on the “Settings” option.


8.) Click on the “Optimise Settings” option, this feature optimizes battery use by automatically adjusting your settings to save on battery life.

Optimise Settings

9.) Here you will be able to toggle the switch to “on/blue” and your Smartphone’s settings will be optimized for brightness, Screen timeout, and Media Volume.

10.) You are Done THANK YOU!

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