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Best Learning Website for Computer Related Courses

Best Learning Website for Computer Related Courses

Most of you don’t have money to learn any IT related course and It is also found in many cases that you are not willing to go outside from your home to study some courses.

As you are already aware of the power of the internet and wants to earn something from it but don’t know which is the best site you can visit to learn about IT.

Well, do not worry about anything as I am here to tell you about some of the best websites both paid and free from there you can learn a lot of courses even if you are a beginner.

Note: You can download the paid courses for free on different platforms like Torrent and alternatives.

So, I am mentioning the website step by step.

  1. W3schools.com: If you want to learn anything about the website including its design and development. It is one of the best and oldest sites you can learn about website development by reading the information they provided.
  2. Tutrialspoint.com: If you want to learn on any of the IT related course then this site is basically a plus point for you as they are providing a ton of data to the users who want to learn any of the IT related course and is one of the oldest platforms on the internet.
    They are providing both reading and watching tutorials for the learners and also providing online teaching services for you.
  3. Udemy: Udemy is basically providing you paid courses which you can buy and learn. The courses are so well and best for you but if you cant buy the courses there are alternatives for you to download the courses for free like a torrent and other websites you can search on google.
  4. Eli the computer guy youtube channel: Eli is no doubt a very talented and professional teacher with so much deep information about computer related courses. If you are proficient in English and can understand it accurately then you have to visit his youtube channel and its totally free.
  5. WsCube Tech: It is also one of the best youtube channels you can learn anything about IT. There are different teachers teaching in this channel and teaching on almost every category of IT like programming, networking, Digital marketing and etc.
  6. Lynda.com: It is also the paid site but they are really providing high-quality content which you can easily learn.
    But if you want to learn for free just create a LinkedIn account and connect with Lynda and get the first-month free viewership but you have to provide the financial information as well which you have to erase just before the last date of the month.
    There are other alternatives as well to download their courses for free like a torrent and many more.
  7. Edx.org: There are a lot of people who wish to learn something from extraordinary teachers and have you ever wished to learn from teachers of Harvard or MIT by sitting in your bedroom. Well, all this is possible by visiting this site and you can also get the certification by paying them.

Best Learning Website for Computer Related Courses (Hindi/Urdu)


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